Adventure Therapy Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

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There are many people who do not like the idea of visiting a rehabilitation center but they can choose other options. There are alternative types of treatment including various men’s programs designed to help in curbing addiction. With the adventure therapy, it helps in creating an environment where people can stay together and complete activities- it takes an active approach to addiction. This therapy is rewarding and works best for people aiming to overcome addiction. Check our retreat women program to improve your social life.

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What to expect

Each of the different retreats for men offers five different facets of this therapy. Wilderness activities, ropes, trust activities, initiatives and games are among them. In all the different facets, there is a risk element- it might be a real risk, psychological or physical. In adventure therapy, individuals are taught to build trust with the team members as they carry out various activities together.

  1. Games

When carrying out this activity, games that are not competitive but are fun are mostly indulged in. Cooperation games and word games are the most common. Games can help people struggling with addiction in a variety of ways. To start with, they place the individual in an uncomfortable and new situation. Also, games help addicts realize fun is spontaneous and overpowers the notion that remaining in control means not having fun. Games also lead to bonding when patients connect with each other.

  1. Initiatives

In initiatives category, addicts join together and work towards achieving a certain goal. The activities are called initiatives because they rely on the effort of the group to solve the task they are presented with. The most common initiative tasks include obtaining an obstacle with few supplies or crossing a river with few items.

Trust activities

In trust activities, the men’s programs expect them to trust other people so as to be helped in a difficult situation. It is also a teamwork program that wants individuals to build trust in others. This retreat for men influences how spiritual one can become because it wants one to believe in other people.

Ropes Course Activities

In such activities, individuals are given tasks but are taught how to ask for help and support from others. Here, individuals are taught to overcome powerful emotions and fears then turn them into productive and positive ones. An example of a rose course activity is telling an individual to walk on a rope.

Wilderness activities

This may also be an option but not all men’s programs offer this as part of adventure therapy. Activities taking place here include white water rafting, backpacking and hiking. These activities can be challenging at times since they take place outside. They help addicts gain pleasure and happiness by taking part in outdoor activities.

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