The heinous incident of 9/11 took many lives. But, at the same time, it showed us the kindness and bravery of the people who rescued the victims. Many of these first responders later suffered from various respiratory or other diseases. The Zadroga Act was created for helping them. In this article, I will discuss about this act.

The Zadroga Act

President Obama signed the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010 on January 2, 2011. It is named for an NYPD Detective, James Zadroga. He died in 2006 from respiratory failure linked to Ground Zero exposure. The Zadroga Act established and provided funding for two separate but related federal benefit programs. They are: The World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP) and the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (VCF).

The act was due to expire in October of 2016. But, due to the relentless effort of union coalitions, activists, and others it was extended. The extension is titled the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Reauthorization Act. It was signed into law by President Obama on December 18, 2015.

Eligibility for 9/11 Benefits

Anyone who was present in the following places between September 11, 2001 and May 30, 2002 and contracted a covered illness for free healthcare and/or financial compensation.

  • Downtown Manhattan below Canal Street.
  • The Fresh Kills landfill.
  • Barges/trucks that moved debris.
  • The NYC Morgue.
  • Garages where emergency vehicles were cleaned.
  • Responded to the Pentagon or Shanksville.
  • PA crash sites.Eligibility depends on whether all eligibility criteria is fulfilled and all applicable deadlines are met.

The Two Programs created by Zadroga Act

The Zadroga Act created two programs with different budgets and eligibility criteria.

The World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP)

  • It provides free medical monitoring, treatment, and medication.
  • It covers both psychological and physical illnesses.
  • It requires less restrictive eligibility.
  • The program has larger exposure zone.
  • It is fully funded until 2090.

Victim Compensation Fund (VCF)

  • It provides compensation for specific types of loss.
  • It covers physical illness only. PTSD is not included here.
  • The program has more restrictive eligibility criteria.
  • The filing deadline is December 18, 2020.
  • The total available funding is over $7 billion. It will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Health Condition Covered by WTC Health Program

Here is a general list of health condition covered by WTC Health Program.

Acute Traumatic Injury:

  • Burn.
  • Complex sprain.
  • Eye injury.
  • Fracture.
  • Head trauma and others.

Aerodigestive Disorders:

  • Asthma.
  • Chronic cough syndrome.
  • Chronic laryngitis.
  • Chronic respiratory disorder.
  • Chronic nasopharyngitis.
  • Interstitial lung diseases etc.


Different types of cancers are mentioned in the program.

Mental Health Condition:

  • Acute stress disorder.
  • Adjustment disorder.
  • Anxiety disorder.
  • Depression.
  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Substance abuse.Therefore, Zadroga Act is an excellent way to get proper treatment for those first responders.

Driving test in California:

When someone is applying for a license in California, the must go through the driving test. Their so many of the inhabitants of California wants to have a driving license, especially the minors. But when you are asking for a license in California, at the time of driving test the vehicle you will be using examined by an examiner. The examiner will see if the car is safe to drive or not. But are the requirements of the test vehicle?

Requirements of the test vehicle:

The aspect that the examiner will examine in your before the test driving are as follows –

  • He will look for two number plates. Among them, the rear one must show current registration.
  • Both of the front and back turn lights and working brake lights will be checked.
  • If there is a designed horn for the vehicle.
  • The presence of bald spots on the tires will be checked.
  • He will ask you to step on the brake pedal to examine if there is adequate brake pressure or not.
  • If there is a driver’s side window that rolls down or not.
  • He will check a secured glove compartment door so it doesn’t open during the test.
  • Driver and front passenger door that can be opened from both inside and outside or not.
  • Two of the rear view mirrors where one of them must be on the outside and another to the driver’s left.
  • A Permanently attached passenger’s seat in the vehicle.
  • Active safety belts.
  • The presence of working emergency/parking brakes.

An arrangement for the free practice driving test for California residents should be there to let the interested applicants know, what does it need to pass a driving test for having a driving license in California which is the most populous state in the united states of America.

Tips for passing the driving test:

Some small tips can help you to get your license more easily in the test. Those are –

  • You should reach for your test at least before 15 minutes of your appointment. Take the necessary documents with that will be needed for the getting your license.
  • You should maintain a safe speed during the test. It will make your examiner think that safety during driving is a priority for you. Don’t exceed the speed limit under any circumstance.
  • Obey all the signs. When the stop sign shows up, come to a full stop.
  • Use signal during the turns, line changing and also when you are changing direction.
  • Park the car with confidence. Before the driving test practice the parking properly so that you can do a clean and confident job in parallel parking, backing up straight, three or four point turns.

Getting a driver’s license not only depends on a driver’s skill to drive, but some other related knowledge is also important. In this manner, free practice driving test for California residents, online articles on driving rules and regulation can be a great help.

Here Are Some Tips before You Drive

Every summer many people go on road and day trips around the country. Traveling can be very fun while driving around the country. However anytime you are preparing to go on a long drive make sure your car is ready and safe before you leave. Here are some helpful and safe tips that you should take before you take summer drives.

Tip 1: Get your car a Check-up and Tune up

It is always safer and wiser that before any major road-trip you should go to a certified and honest mechanic to get your car checked and tuned up. The best places to take your car for a checkup and tune up are places that are members of the Better Business Bureau or that have good reviews from other people. The important thing however is that you get your car checked to make sure it is working properly. Also tune up’s are good to get before a trip because then you will know that your car will be safe and ready to drive.

Tip 2: Get an oil change every 1000-2000 miles

Now it is wise to get an oil change before you leave your trip, and also to keep a record how many miles you are driving. This record is important especially when you are driving really long distance so you know when to get another change. It is also a good idea to bring a few cartoons of oil with you on your trip in-case you are low.

Tip 3: Make sure all your lights and windshields are working

Some people don’t notice that a light on their car may not be working right. So before driving this summer make sure you check that all your lights are working. Lights include front, back, emergency, break, and blinkers. It is also good to check that your windshield wipers work correctly as well. Checking the lights and wipers are important especially when driving at night or in different weather conditions.

Tip 4: Wash, Vacuum, and Clean Your Car

It is always a good idea to wash, vacuum, and clean your car especially if you are going to have other people driving with you. Usually it only takes about 2 hours to clean a car. Cleaning car and keeping the car covers with you are necessary to do before a ride. The best thing to do is to take your car to a car wash which can cost between $5-9.

Tip 5: Make sure you have a spare tire

Sometimes flat tires happen, and when they do it is good to have a spare tire and a jack handy. Make sure you have all the tools to fix a flat tire, and if you don’t know how to fix one you can always get instructions on the internet. It is also handy to have flare lights as well just in case you have to fix a tire at night.

Tip 6: Have a first aid kit in your car

Another safety tip for road trips is to have a first aid kit somewhere in the car. This is just in case someone gets a cut or bug bite you are prepared

Tip 7: Bring a Cell Phone

Technology is very helpful these days, and in case you have an emergency and you are on the road it is good for either you or someone with you to have a cell phone.

Tip 8: Have Fun

Summer is the time to enjoy your trip so don’t forget to have some fun!

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Decorating Ideas for Porch

Fall is, in my opinion, the best season to decorate your porch for an amazing effect. Unless you live deep in the city, after all, chances are that the leaves on the trees all around one’s home are turning a brilliant yellow, red, or brown, and since these colors are so common it’s easy to match them; heck, if you happen to have a wooden deck, your job is already partly done! However, there are a lot of other things that one can use to decorate their porch for a great fall theme as well, such as the following ideas.
Pumpkins, Gourds, etc

While at the start of fall it’s often too early to get good, brilliantly-colored pumpkins or gourds, when they come into season, they can sure turn heads. They come in many fall colors, from yellow to orange to the occasional green if you pick them at the right time, and even better, they’re often readily available at your local supermarket or farmer’s market. Pumpkins, especially, are a good way to decorate your porch, as not only do they make it look like you tried hard to decorate for fall, they also double as a great decoration for upcoming Halloween!

Get a Fall Planter

When most people think of a season for flowers, they often immediately jump to spring or, sometimes, summer. But Fall also has beautiful flowers that you can use to decorate, too. Not to mention, it can be a fairly cheap way to decorate. Just get a few terracotta pots (if you’re like me, you probably have them laying around in the garage somewhere!) and some flowers at your local garden shop, plant the flowers inside, and presto: you have a beautiful decoration that will look great on your porch for Fall! There are a lot of flowers that bloom in the fall that will be sure to look great, but I recommend mums-they look gorgeous.

Bales of Hay

While using bales of hay may not be the best choice for some porches, especially the smaller ones, they will most assuredly look great for the Fall. You can sit them around by themselves to make a statement, although I would recommend placing the aforementioned flower pots or pumpkins and gourds on them. Mixing and matching your decorations is definitely recommended.

Use the Colors of Fall to Your Advantage

Really, there’s no limit to the things you can use as decorations for your porch in the Fall. However, it is recommended to use Fall colors to your advantage when decorating. Brown , gold, red, and orange items will be sure to look great, but adding in something bright blue, for example, may not be the best idea! Whatever you do, though, by decorating your porch you will most assuredly make your home look like a more welcoming and friendly place!

window tint

There are many reasons to choose the safety window film for the home. If you are building a home, you must want to save your home from all type of hazards, danger, and the other external factors. The security window film will allow you to enjoy the ultimate safety with few more positive features. Whether it is your home or the commercial place, safety window film is the best choice of the glass of all time. Here in this article, I am providing few reasons why you should choose the safety window film for your home.

1.    Provide the privacy

Home is not home without privacy. One of the greatest reasons why people start living in the home is the privacy. In your home, you can do many things and for that reason, you will need the privacy. Normal glass can’t provide you the privacy which the safety window film can. The indoor area of your home will not be visible from the outside even in the daylight if you use the safety window film in your window.

2.    Save from the injury

You may believe it or not, the safety window film works as an invisible shield in your home. This type of glass protects you from the injury caused by breaking the glass. If the normal glass is broken, it can hurt people who are at near-by or who will come for cleaning it.  But when the safety window film is broken, it keeps all the pieces attached to it so that these broken pieces can’t be shattered and make any possible losses or injury.

3.    Save from the bad weather condition

If you are living in the area where the natural hazards visit so often, you should be careful and take the highest safety measures to make your family member and your home protected. Safety window film gives the best protection to your home from the bad weather condition. This film is extra durable and can save your home from any extreme condition.

4.    Ensure the security

Windows and doors are the easy access for the thieves and robbers. They always get their way through the window or door. Breaking normal glass is a matter of second but if you have used the safety window film in your door and window, you can be relaxed from this type of threat. It is not easy to break the windows and door made of window film at least they will have to put efforts to break it. And by this time you can be alert and take necessary steps to be saved from them.

5.    Provide great look

The safety window film will provide your home a great external look. The shiny and glass material looks really great from the outside and adds value to your home. The clear and transparent view from the indoor make it even better.

So, these are the reasons why you should choose the safety window film for your home.


If you’re taking your test in your auto, you need to be sure that it’s insured that you drive this, and that the policy covers the driving test. There’s presently a second area of the theory test known as the Hazard Perception’ test. It is made up of two sections. Please be aware that you need to pass your theory test before you’re permitted to book your practical driving test. You can do it for free via online also. Just check out the information and apply for free permit practice test online.

The test is made up of you watching video footage as though you were driving a vehicle. It is marked using a standard form DL25. This Test includes 14 video clips, 13 of these can contain just one hazard. At the close of the practice session the actual test begins. At the end of the practice session it will begin. If you opt to get this done, your real test will start at the conclusion of your practice session.

The test includes an eyesight check (should you fail this, your test won’t continue). It’s also acceptable if you choose to select the test in your motor vehicle. There is not any foreign language tests currently offered.

An automobile is necessary for this session. It must be suitable for the purpose of the test. You should also bring an appropriately insured and certified vehicle ideal for the test. First things first before you can even enter a vehicle and begin learning how to drive, it’s necessary for you to get a provisional driving license. In addition, you need to extend an acceptable car for the test. In case you are utilizing a Driving School auto, this won’t be an issue, but should you be employing you’re own vehicle, check by means of your insurance carrier first as some won’t enable the car to be used for a driving test. You is going to have also have to have lived in the united kingdom for 185 days (roughly 6 months) in the past 12 months.

It’s necessary that you also have the use of an appropriate vehicle. There is absolutely no need to be concerned about the test as you’ll be at a higher standard when you take this, and you ought to drive how you have been taught on your lessons. Then you are going to learn if you’ve passed or failed. Learning how to drive isn’t uncomplicated. As above, it is dependent on how many lessons you’ve got.

One of many questions will ask you to demonstrate how to earn a check and the other will require that you tell the examiner how to perform a check. You are going to be asked to answer 50 questions with numerous choice answers. Certain questions might ask you to give more than 1 answer from a variety of four. Make sure to read the entire question carefully. After the eyesight test you’ll be asked two vehicle security questions.

Remodeling a bathroom

You have a good deal of diversity when you are preparing to shop for discount bathroom cabinets. You can shop at local stores near you that specialize in cabinetry or you can shop online. If you choose to shop for bathroom cabinets online, you simplify the task; you don’t have to spend money on gas traveling back and forth to different locations and you can do easy price comparisons using the Internet. You can also check out photographs of cabinets so you can get a close up view of what different makes, brands, and styles look like.

If you feel uncomfortable about aggressive sales people, you can avoid this issue as you shop for cabinets by doing all of your shopping right here. When you buy your cabinets from us, you can shop at your leisure without distractions or shopping pressures commonly found in a physical store setting. You can locate a great variety of discount bathroom cabinets with much lower price tags here at bathroom cabinets.

If however you want someone to provide you with advice or to address your questions in person, you might want to check out a local store for cabinets instead; having one or more sales representatives at your immediate disposal can prove beneficial if you have a lot of questions or concerns. Of course, when shopping online you can often use toll free telephone numbers or email contact methods to ask the cabinet seller questions too; what’s important is that you choose the shopping method that is most comfortable for you.

Bear in mind when shopping online for Remodeling a bathroom cabinetry you may be charged a shipping fee for all the cabinets you buy. You may be able to find some cabinet sellers that will give you a reduced shipping rate for large orders so it pays to get all of your cabinets from the same seller. If you decide to shop locally, you can probably save on shipping costs, but you will  either have to pick up your cabinets yourself or you might be faced with delivery charges.

If you want to save money as you shop for cabinets online, you can do so by shopping online first. Once you find cabinets you like at a local store, document the maker, model and price and search online. Sometimes you will find an online seller offers the same or similar cabinetry at lower prices.

No matter where you shop, either online or off, you will find that knowing in advance exactly what you require minimizes your shopping time a great deal. Get out your measuring tape and take down notes as to the height, depth, and width of the cabinets you desire. Make a simple floor plan so you know what cabinets you need for your bathroom and where you plan to install them. Consider if the cabinet doors will open easily once the cabinet is installed as well.

oil extraction plant

Oil industries are one of the leading industries in today’s economy. The increasing use of oil in our daily used products has encouraged this growth of oil processing industries. There are several types of oil plants around the world depending on the type of oil they process. In today’s market, the demand of essential oil is quite high. The oil extraction plants use different methods to extract and process essential oil. New technologies have given them innovative ways to effectively extract the oil from its source. But some oil extraction plants are still using the traditional ways of extracting oil all around the globe. The traditional methods still carry great significance to those oil extraction plants. The most popular ways among the traditional methods are water distillation, water and steam distillation, steam distillation, cohobation, maceration, and enfleurage. These are also the most commonly used methods as well.

oil extraction plant

There are several products that we use in our day to day life have essential oil in them as ingredients. Basically, consumer products such as cosmetics, perfumes, detergent, soap, toilet papers use essential oil in their production process. Some of our foods like the confectionary food item, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverage have essential oil in them. Many types of essential oil are also used in aromatherapy. They can be highly effective for some alternative medicine applications. The usage of essential oil in folk medicine is followed through generations. They are considered the life force of plants. Special oils have a long list of healing application that can be used to stay healthy and beautiful. Essential oils are generally extracted from different parts of plants such as flowers (rose, rosemary, jasmine, mimosa), leaves (mint, lemongrass), bark (cinnamon, canella), wood (sandal, pine), seeds (coriander, caraway) etc.
To extract the oil via hydrodistillation, the specific plant is packed in a pot or tank. Sufficient amount of water is added to that before getting it to boil. There is another way that involves injecting steam into plant charge. The essential oil gets free from the oil glands of the plant tissue by the reaction of hot water and live steam. Then the vaporized mixture of water and oil caused by heat is stored for cooling indirectly by applying water. After cooling the mixture goes through a separator that separates the essential oil from distillate water. Almost all the particles of essential oil get unstable due to high temperature. Low temperature is used in oil extraction plants to get the best quality of essential oil. The operation pressure determines the temperature in the steam distillation process. On the other hand, the temperature is completely dependent on the atmospheric situation in water distillation along with water and steam distillation. Another extraction method used by oil extraction plant is expression or cold pressing that refers to a physical process. As the name suggests, the oil glands of the peel are crushed or broken to release the oil. This method is only used in the production of citrus oils.

merchandise liquidators

For some entrepreneurs, the very word liquidation has an unsavory ring to it. More often than not the expression liquidation is related with business disappointment.  If a business, however, needs to close its entryways, a great inventory buyers will guarantee this is done in the most productive and practical way. Setting up an association with respectable inventory buyers is a smart thought for stable, and battling, organizations.

By and large, the inventory buyers can help you get the greatest incentive out of your under-misused resources thus upgrade your company’s long haul practicality. Through open sales, online deals or their committed retail outlets, they guarantee you get the best an incentive for your repetitive resources. Particularly since an ever increasing number of buyers are getting to be plainly mindful of liquidation deals and outlet deals. Here are some things to consider when getting a merchandise liquidators.

merchandise liquidators

Regardless of whether you are in the assembling, retail or whatever another part of business, it’s basic to have abundance stock. Sudden changes in design or emotional moves in shopper spending can make you wind up with stock that basically won’t offer. Regardless of whether this surplus appears as crude materials, repetitive gear, or completed items, it’s consuming up the important room and acquiring unnecessary capacity and support expenses when it ought to gain you benefits. A built up inventory buyers know how to interpret abundance stock, which would some way or another be a misfortune, into usable capital for your business.

Securing your image is of pivotal significance to your organization, and it’s an element that should be considered when discarding overabundance stock. By utilizing the administrations of an expert vendor, you advantage from their affectability and involvement in offering products in the optional market. Not exclusively will they deal with the offers of your stock, yet they will likewise deal with the showcasing and publicizing, giving careful consideration to ensuring your image and your picture.

Another genuine concern is ensuring the circulation channels of you’re recently sold stock. If your business is set up in a specific topographical area or on the off chance that you are arranging a business battle in another zone, it is very far-fetched that you would need your abundance stock winding up by your new product offering. At the end of the day, an expert inventory buyer knows how to channel the offers of your overabundance stock in ways that won’t antagonistically affect your standard dispersion channels.

One of the real focal points that inventory buyers’ offer, is the capacity to make an interpretation of your abundance stock into quick money. Not exclusively do you free up other extra assets and stay away from the proceeded with the devaluation of your stock. However, most inventory buyers can offer you no-term bargains.

It is now obvious that there are many advantages to working with inventory buyers. What’s more, you don’t need to be in a bad position to profit from their built up systems or aptitude.