Beginning Times of mobile phones v/s Mobile phones in nowadays

The popularity and necessity of mobile phones have changed vastly. Mobile phones were equally important in the earlier days of it. Though when mobile phones were newer on the market, only the luxurious people could afford it. But with time it came to reach the people of all classes. But the main difference of mobile phones in that time and nowadays are the causes. Before it was necessary to people for communicating with people via phone calls and messaging. But nowadays mobile phones are for multipurpose for all the generation of people. Nowadays people use mobile phones for so many purposes. Mobile phone calls were so costly in earlier days. People even had to pay for incoming calls too. But that never cut its’ necessity nor cut the demand for it. But nowadays with the technology development, people prefer online communication more.

Mobile phone industry has gone through a revolutionary change from all perspective. A mobile phone used to be heavier and in the size of remote controller when it was launched first. There was an antenna with every mobile to get the signal properly. Gradually it came to a convenient size. There were slim and small mobile phones, then came the sliding ones, gradually features started adding with the phones like listening to FM radio or music and songs, camera feature, qwerty keypad enabled phones. The main difference of the phones of that time and nowadays are, in those times all of the phones were keypad featured whereas nowadays most of them are touch keypad. With time, the technology has brought new-featured phones and made it more attractive to people. Nowadays there are countless brand and companies of mobile phones. These phones look absolutely stunning because they are available in various designs and colors. Internet accessing has increased the flexibility and add so many things to the mobile phones. In 90’s accessing internet was more like a doing painful job. As there were not enough speed. People had to wait for hours to send a mail to others. But nowadays the processors are advanced which supports all kinds of things. You can watch movies nowadays in your phones.

The multipurpose and multitasking features have made the mobile phones more like a necessity. A mobile phone is not only for communicating with people. It has become a great pastime for people too. You can play games here, listen to songs, watch movies, capture pictures. Some of the mobile phones have great picture quality than the camera itself. Different fun apps have made the mobile phone a great entertainment source. Because of the super fast internet accessing, people have made so many online communities; their virtual connection has increased to a large extent because of different social sites. The upcoming mobile phones will be faster with more interactive features. People who are gadget freaks, they for the latest version of the phones.

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