Casing and Tubing – Two Important Aspects of OCTG!

In the modern era, technology is assisting humankind immensely. Constructions of buildings have become more comfortable with the advanced technology of tubing. Pipes carry an essential role in the building of convenient construction.

However, casing and tubing are crucial aspects of well-constructions. The oil and gas lines each of them need to be cased with material that is robust. We are assisting with the important aspect of Casing and Tubing by Octal how gas and oil coordinates with them. To gain additional information regarding the aspect, consider going through the details stated in the article.

Casing and tubing!

Casing pipes are those that support the wall of oil and gas as well. These casing pipes are divided into three categories- the protection, surface along with production casing. However, tubing is a distinct pipe that is installed in production casing when the cementing is done, and that allows oil and gases to flow to the ground.

The standard casing pipe is API 5CT, which is common grades within the J55/K55, N80, L80, C90, T95, P110, etc. when talking about the Casing and Tubing by Octal its specifications listing is prolonged. It provides excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, robust material, better precision in shape as well as size, good corrosion resistance, high collapse strength, constant mechanical properties even at high temperatures and etc.

The price of the OCTG is 200 USD is costlier than the regular API 5L pipe. Drill pipes aren’t suitable for everyone due to its heavier price. The tubing pipe of OCTG goes inside of the casing pipe as it is the only pipe from which the oil or gas makes it way out. The straightforward part of the tubing is OCTG that is normally found within the segment of 30ft along with threaded connection from both ends.

The pipe is put into use for the primary purpose of transporting natural gas or crude oil, taking along the production formation to the facilities that go through when drilling is finished.


From the details stated above, we can draft a conclusion that Casing and Tubing by Octal carries a vital role in good construction. In addition, the casing is divided into three constituents that the surface, production, and protective casing. Drill pipe and OCTG tubing cost are not pocket friendly, whereas the steel casing pipe is affordable. So, this was all about the OCTG two constituents casing and tubing.

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