How video gaming can be beneficial for the brain

video gaming brain

Video gaming is the latest craze involving mostly the young people of today.  It is very evident when you see these children in the side of streets, sometimes with a group or sometimes alone, playing games in their phone. Other’s who don’t have the luxury of owning a smart phone, will spend sometime in the internet shops. The fast development of technology, undeniably make life easier for us, but, it cannot be denied also, that it brings more disadvantages in the way our children live their lives. If you want to play good FPS game you should have gaming PC in your table with best radiator fans.

video gaming brain

Does it affect your brain?

Studies by experts reveals that yes, video games affect in many ways the brain of a person.

  1. It develops coordination. Since the gamer is playing against a computer or other players online, It require them to focus not just on one certain thing, but, everything that they see in the monitor. The gamer will develop the skill of coordinating with a lot of things to win the game.
  2. It develops a person’s problem solving skills. In a game, the gamer is not only against an opponent, but, he should be able to manage the time constraint.  They must be able to solve a certain problem at any given time, to be able to improve their winning chances.  They also need to decide quickly, to be able to stay with any rules in the game they are playing.
  3. Improves the memory of the player. In a game are sets of rules to be follow and you also have to master the keys that are necessary to allow functionality of some characters. Doing this repeatedly will exercise your brain and developed your memory skills.
  4. Develop attentiveness. While a game is on prosper, the gamer have to attend to the rules, the movements of the opponent and focus in the entire game.
  5. Increase the work speed of the brain. Because of the constant stimulation of the brain in the whole playing period, it is it developed fastness in work, compared to those, whose brain are not used frequently.
  6. Develop their multi-tasking ability. In a very complex game, a player will watch over everything, from the screen, to the controls and many more.

Above are just some of the effects of video games in a player’s brain.  But, its not all good effects, that, makes the parents crazy.

The setback of video games in the players lives

Here are some of the basic disadvantage of excessive video gaming among the youth and even adults.

  1. Many children and even young adults now are already addicted to video games. Many children even will cut classes and you can see them in internet shops playing video games.
  2. Additional Expenses. Playing children are using their allowance for school, to pay for the use of computer.  Some are using their allowance to buy load that can allow them to play computer online.
  3. Gamers often play online with people strangers to them.  It makes them vulnerable to be a victim of harassment.

Video gaming is not bad at all. It’s fun to play those games in your gadgets.  However, the way children are doing it today, it’s becoming addictive and it deprived them the chance to play outdoors and enjoy the environment.  The can stay inside a room the whole, just with their gadget.  They are robed of their social and interpersonal being.

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