Laminate Flooring vs. engineered flooring

Laminate flooring

Two most popular material for flooring nowadays is the laminate flooring and engineered flooring. Both of them are durable and give a great look to your home. Laminate flooring is made of high quality of picture infused in fiberboard and on the top of that transparent layer is given. So, the look a laminate floor provides is like a hardwood floor. But you won’t get the same resale value you get from the hardwood floor.

The laminate has a rich and bold look. The texture of the laminate floor gives you the actual look of a wooden floor. As the pluck of laminate is available in a different size, one can easily install the laminate flooring. You can get both thin and thick laminate material for flooring which has made it suitable for installing in any room.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood is close to the wooden flooring. Veneer and natural plywood base are used in engineered wood flooring. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of using engineered wood for flooring. The engineered wood floor is higher in price than the laminate floor. As it resembles the solid wood floor, the cost of installing a floor with this material is higher.

So, which floor is the best option for you?

Laminate flooring vs engineered hardwood flooring:

The argument between laminate and engineered flooring is never ending. But the ultimate choice is yours. You are the one who needs to choose which material would be the best option for you. You can choose laminate flooring for the following situation-

1)     If you want to minimize the cost of installing the floor, you should go for laminate flooring.

2)     Many want to install flooring by themselves to save the cost of the installer. If you want to install your floor by yourself, you can choose laminate flooring. A laminate floor is easier to install. You can install it in a quite short time easily. But you need to have the skill of installing the floor.

3)     If the perfect wooden look is not your concern, you can go for the laminate flooring option. Though it gives a great look and wooden like finish, you won’t get 100% satisfaction if you are a solid wood lover.

4)     If you are ready for re-installing the floor in a few years, you can go for laminate flooring.

5)     If you want to complete the installation of flooring in a short time, you can go for laminate flooring.

Again, you can choose engineered wood flooring for the following reasons-

1)     If you are looking for an exact wood look in your floor, you can go for the engineered wood.

2)     If you can set a moderate to higher budget for flooring, you should definitely go for the engineered wood flooring.

3)     If you want maximum resale value from your home, you can go for engineered wood.

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