Tips on Purchasing Party Tents

It is always a wise decision to install party tents for an outdoor party. These tents come in different designs and sizes. You should know how to choose from these variations of tents. Otherwise, you may buy the wrong ones. In this article, I will discuss some tips about how to purchase party tents.

How to Purchase Party Tents

The following are some useful tips on how to purchase party tents.


Consider the purpose of the party tents you need to purchase. You may need tents for a wedding, or a birthday, or a barbecue. The purpose for which you need to buy tents can give you clues on how to purchase it.


Consider the size of your party tents. They come in different sizes for different uses. If you know the number of your guests, you will know size of your tents.


Consider the amount of money you intend to spend on the tents. Depending on the budget, you will be able to determine which tents you can purchase.

Consider the Season

Different types of tens are ideal for different seasons. For summer events, you can use tents with open sides. This will allow air into the tent. For winter events, tents that are totally covered up are ideal. For night time events, you may go for tents with transparent roofs. This will allow your guests to enjoy the night sky.

Check the Reviews

Check reviews about the supplier you intend to purchase your tents. You should also be careful about false reviews.

Check your Supplier

Your supplier must meet current industry guidelines. Otherwise, you may get in trouble. Be sure about this.

Know your Tent Fabrics

Polyester is lightweight. Therefore, tents are generally made of polyester. However, all polyester fabrics are not durable enough to use as party tents covers. The product description must specify the thickness of the polyester. If it is not, ask about it. The polyester should be at least 300-denier thick.

Be Attentive about the Poles

The poles of party tents should be sturdy. Because, they are large and the covers are heavy. Aluminum with heavy gauge are good. Steel is sturdier. But, it rusts. You must never buy tents with plastic poles.

Consider the Wind Factor

Properly tied down sturdy tents may even succumb to strong wind. If your party is in an elevated or windy area, the tents should have enough tension wires and stakes. These will keep the tents to the ground. Open-sided tents is the best choice for this type of areas.

Rain Gutters

Rain gutters will channel the rain water down the sides and off the tents’ tops. You should choose tents with rain gutters.

Neutral Color

Choosing a neutral color for party tents will be a better option. They blend easily with any color scheme.

These tips should be helpful to purchase party tents.

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