Traditional emergency hospital service VS doctors call at home service

We usually don’t recall the doctors unless it is an emergency. For regular check-up or follow up, we need to take the appointment of the doctor and visit them at their available time. Sometimes emergencies arise, and one needs to rush to the hospital. For accidental injury, severe pain, one can’t wait for the appointment of the doctor. To tackle the emergency situation of the patients, every hospital has emergency wards. In the emergency ward, walk in patients can be admitted and get necessary medical facilities.

But we often hear many offensive words or dissatisfaction of patients regarding the emergency ward. Few hospitals are equipped with all the facilities with modern equipment and trained doctors and nurse, but most of the hospitals lack these facilities for emergency patients. Again, some hospitals have very little capacity to treat emergency patients. Some hospitals charge a lot for emergency cases, and the patients are bound to pay the bill as no one wants to compromise with the medical and health condition.

However, there are also many benefits offered by the emergency wards. In every emergency ward in the hospital, you will get stand alone er and emergency doctor who will treat the emergency patients instantly and get them quick relief. Normally, the patients are treated depending on their health condition and the seriousness of medical needs. Sometimes for the misunderstanding of the doctors, the patients may unattended for a long time. However, if you go to the hospitals which are specialized in treating emergency patients only, you will get quick services than the regular hospitals.

So, what’s the problem exactly in the regular hospital?

Well, regular hospitals need to attend different types of patients, including emergency patients. Often the emergency patients are shifted to the regular wards for the lack of service options. Again, in holidays, most of the kinds of stuff become unavailable in the hospitals. It is quite challenging to provide urgent services to the patient at that time. In such cases, hospitals which are specialized in emergency service providers should be considered in the first place. However, sometimes, the emergency doctor calling service at home also a great option in emergency cases.

Urgent home call doctor service is also becoming very popular with the people who don’t have enough time to visit the hospitals when any emergency occurs. Moreover, the doctors can be called with a mobile call, and they are available all the time. But the problem with this service is, you might have to pay them a lot and eventually, if the condition is severe, you will need to end up visiting the hospital.

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