Ultimate guide: Extraction methods of essential oil in oil extraction plant

oil extraction plant

Oil industries are one of the leading industries in today’s economy. The increasing use of oil in our daily used products has encouraged this growth of oil processing industries. There are several types of oil plants around the world depending on the type of oil they process. In today’s market, the demand of essential oil is quite high. The oil extraction plants use different methods to extract and process essential oil. New technologies have given them innovative ways to effectively extract the oil from its source. But some oil extraction plants are still using the traditional ways of extracting oil all around the globe. The traditional methods still carry great significance to those oil extraction plants. The most popular ways among the traditional methods are water distillation, water and steam distillation, steam distillation, cohobation, maceration, and enfleurage. These are also the most commonly used methods as well.

oil extraction plant

There are several products that we use in our day to day life have essential oil in them as ingredients. Basically, consumer products such as cosmetics, perfumes, detergent, soap, toilet papers use essential oil in their production process. Some of our foods like the confectionary food item, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverage have essential oil in them. Many types of essential oil are also used in aromatherapy. They can be highly effective for some alternative medicine applications. The usage of essential oil in folk medicine is followed through generations. They are considered the life force of plants. Special oils have a long list of healing application that can be used to stay healthy and beautiful. Essential oils are generally extracted from different parts of plants such as flowers (rose, rosemary, jasmine, mimosa), leaves (mint, lemongrass), bark (cinnamon, canella), wood (sandal, pine), seeds (coriander, caraway) etc.
To extract the oil via hydrodistillation, the specific plant is packed in a pot or tank. Sufficient amount of water is added to that before getting it to boil. There is another way that involves injecting steam into plant charge. The essential oil gets free from the oil glands of the plant tissue by the reaction of hot water and live steam. Then the vaporized mixture of water and oil caused by heat is stored for cooling indirectly by applying water. After cooling the mixture goes through a separator that separates the essential oil from distillate water. Almost all the particles of essential oil get unstable due to high temperature. Low temperature is used in oil extraction plants to get the best quality of essential oil. The operation pressure determines the temperature in the steam distillation process. On the other hand, the temperature is completely dependent on the atmospheric situation in water distillation along with water and steam distillation. Another extraction method used by oil extraction plant is expression or cold pressing that refers to a physical process. As the name suggests, the oil glands of the peel are crushed or broken to release the oil. This method is only used in the production of citrus oils.

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