What You Need to Know About Juice Fasting for Weight Loss

First of all, if juice fasting, you will consume nothing except juices for a designated amount of time.  This could be one day up to however long you can handle it.  Most juice fasts last 3-5 days, but some people go up to 7 or even longer.  I myself have never been able to get up the willpower to do a complete juice fast.  The closest I’ve gotten is to drink juice for one or two meals in a day instead of food.  But I’ve always eaten something during those days.  I just can’t quite live only on juice.  There are MANY however, that DO like to juice fast.

The Benefits of Juice Fasting for Weight Loss

Most people do a juice fast for some sort of health or weight loss benefit.  When you are on a juice fast, you are only consuming juices.  Juices are overall very healthy for you.  They contain little or no fat, are pretty low in calories and are already pre-digested to make them easy on your system to digest.  For these reasons, if you consume only juice for a day or more, your body will not be taking in the normal amount of calories and food products that they normally process.  Your digestion will speed up and you will be able to remove more waste from your digestive system.

Because the juice is high in nutrition, you don’t really have to worry that juice fasting will leave your body nutritionally starved.  You will receive from the juice plenty of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and yes, even protein your body requires.  You actually even get soluble fiber as well from freshly prepared, homemade juice.  The only thing you won’t get during juice fasting is the bulky, filling food.  For this reason, you will have to adjust to the feeling of emptyness and feeling hungry.  Even though your body is getting what it needs, your stomach is used to getting bulky food to make it feel full.

The Biggest Benefit of Juice Fasting for Weight Loss

You will notice after a juice fast that you will have lost weight.  This would be the biggest benefit of juice fasting to lose weight because those initial pounds off give you a big boost in confidence.  The beginning pounds that are lost in a diet are often water weight, but the feeling that you have started to take control of your weight may be just the incentive to keep going.  When you are on a juice fast to lose weight, you are showing yourself that YOU have all the power over what you do.

The healthy choices you make during the juice fast can continue on after it is over.  You may find that replacing meals or supplementing meals with juice or smoothies will be a more viable option than just dieting.  When you are on a diet you are restricting yourself.  This restricting can make you resentful and allow you to sabotage your own efforts because you may “reward” yourself for dieting by eating poorly once in a while or just quitting all together.  Maybe a yummy healthy smoothie or juice might quell those cravings that pop up.

Juice Fasting to Lose Weight May Boost Your Metabolism

When people diet, they restrict the calories they consume.  This lowered calories makes your body feel like it is starving.  When you go off the diet, the pounds may come rushing back on.  This is because during the time you were cutting off your calories, your body was preparing for a day when the calories would be there again.  Then it hoards the calories as fat saving them for the next time you are “starving.”

On a juice fast, you can consume as many fresh juices you want.  Meaning, anytime you are hungry, you can make yourself a fresh juice, no matter how many calories it contains.  The nutrition in juice is all that you need (except for the fiber you would normally want to have normally) so your body is never “starved.”  Because of this, and the reduction of calories, as well as the removal of built up waste in your digestive tract, your metabolism will rev up.  A revved up metabolism means you will burn calories better and store less.

You may experience some not so pleasant side effects while juice fasting for weight loss.

Juice fasting will affect your body in a number of ways.  One, you may feel sluggish and tired during the fast.  This is because your body is purging itself of the different toxins that are inside the cells.  They are now entering the blood stream and your body is having to “deal with them.”  After the fast, you may feel better than ever, but be prepared to be kind of tired during it.

Another way you may be affected is your mood.  Because you are not feeling the fullness you are used to, you will feel hungry.  No one likes this feeling and it may make you a little crabby…ok, make that a LOT crabby.  Drinking juice every time you are hungry is a helpful way to deal with the feeling of hunger.  While on a juice fast, you can drink juice as much as you want and as often as you want.  This will help you get through it.

A fast digestive system will make for frequent bathroom visits.  You may notice a looser stool as your body purges out the digestive tract.  Also, only consuming liquids with no insoluble fiber will make your bathroom breaks more often and quick, if you know what I mean.  While on a fast its nice to start it over the weekend when the symptoms are the most noticeable and you have continual access to the facilities

The benefits after juice fasting are feeling better, lighter and having more energy.  Not to mention that many pounds may be shed the longer you are juice fasting.  So, even though there are some “side effects” during juice fasting, the results may be worth it.

Juice Fasting vs. A Juice Feast

If you feel you can’t do a full juice fast, try a juice feast.  A juice feast is where you consume as many fresh juices as you want during each day, but still allow yourself some food.  The food you consume should be mostly, if not all raw, and mostly “whole foods.”  Processed and cooked foods will cause your body to have to work hard to digest them.  During a fast, remember, you are trying to give your system a break.

Even if you don’t decide to do juice fasting, adding freshly prepared juice to your daily diet will give you many benefits.  Just adding one or two juices during each day will help your body get the perfect nutrition it needs and keep you feeling energetic.  Replacing a higher calorie or nutritionally void drink with fresh juice is a great start. You can visit https://wavesoda.com/


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