Why you should choose Baby merino clothes for your little Angels.

Merino wool:

Merino wool is collected as a natural fiber from the merino sheep. In comparison with the lot of wool products, merino thermals are very creditable for its warmth and softness against the skin. On the other hand, there are so many other wool products which are rough and irritable to the skin. So, when choosing clothes for your baby merino is undoubtedly the best choice. Its natural properties assure a warm and soft fit against the skin. Merino wool can be used in such types of clothes –

  • Base layers
  • Socks
  • Sensitive skin
  • Cold weather
  • Activewear
  • Thermal underwear

For babies also merino wool is comfortable and beneficial. As we know the skin of babies are sensitive, they need to cloth that will not give them rough and irritable feeling. That is why merino wool is perfect for them.
Benefits of using merino wool for babies:

Merino wool is a natural fiber with a lot of beneficial properties, especially in the case of babies and kids clothing. Here are some benefits merino wool clothing will provide for your babies.

  • Warmth and comfort: To assure the warmth and comfort of your baby merino wool clothing is the perfect option. As an insulator, merino holds the body heat. It allows your baby’s skin to breathe naturally and also discourages sweating. Not for just winter but merino is perfect for all seasons.
  • Absorbing moisture: Merino has a unique ability. It can absorb moisture up to three times of its body weight. It also draws the moisture away from the skin without feeling dump.
  • Flame resistant: As a great safety aspect, merino is naturally flame resistant. It will not burn and is also extremely safe to wear.
  • Non-prickly: Usually wool clothing considered as scratchy to wear. But on the contrary, merino wool clothing is often chosen because it is very soft to wear. For your baby merino wool clothing will be better because babies need soft clothes as they are.
  • Stain resistant: Another one of the merino wool’s natural properties is that it repels dirt. Wool does make it resistant to stains so the clothing does not need to be washed often. On the other hand, synthetic cloths absorb dirt and stains at a great extent.
  • Easy-care and machine washable: It is very easy to wash merino wool clothing. Actually, its warmth increases with washing.
  • Versatile and lightweight: As merino clothing is lightweight and not bulky, it is much easy to wear. The merino wool is also so versatile that a variety of clothings can be made from this fiber like hats, tops, trousers, underwear, pants, singlet, vests, socks, scarves.
  • Wrinkle-free: If you are using merino wool clothing for your baby, you won’t an iron for that. It is one of its natural features that it bounces back to its original state.

Babies often do need special care. Because of their sensitive skin and health as the parents, you always want to give them the clothing that can keep them comfortable and warm. And to comfort  your baby merino clothes is obviously the best one. It will provide you with so many.

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